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Petroleum gas - pipes for oil derivatives

When exploitative conditions are too corrosive for steel, too hot for ordinary PE pipes, when required high mechanical resistance, when the conditions of the inner surface become important in order to avoid deposits ... PE100 - PE100-X pipes are the only solution


Konti Petrol – Gas pipe is double wall pipe with outside black layer made of PE 100 material and coextruded inside layer PE 100-X cross linkable polyethylene .


Because PE100-X is in classification of PE 100, for polyethylene PE100 Konti Petrol Gas are valid the same standards as for the classic PE or EN 1555 and ISO 4437


PE100-PE100-X pipes are manufactured in dimensions from 20mm to 250mm

Dimension table


  • Outer layer - black with orange longitudinal lines
  • Inner layer – orange

Advantages of internal PE 100-X layer 

  • Excellent resistance to volatile organic compounds from petroleum derivatives and prevent their crossing in the environment
  • Protecting groundwater from impurities from the oil derivatives 
  • Resistance to extreme temperatures 35S to 85S 
  • Higher chemical resistance of the pipe 
  • Excellent resistance to abrasion


  • Transport of petrol diesel and other fuels in stationsand refinery
  • Gas distribution
  • Special industrial application
  • Geothermal and city heating


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