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International Building Trade Fair

Published on 07 April 2015

Dear clients,

We invite you to visit us at the International Building Trade Fair in Belgrade, which will be held from 15 to 19 of April, 2015.

At the exhibition space 2132 in Hall 2 level-B we will exhibit products from the standard production program of Konti Hidroplast and Inter Construction.

Alongside the standard production program we will also promote our latest environmentally friendly polyethylene and polypropylene products, produced by the latest technology with all applicable international quality standards.


Energy efficiency

Published on 14 May 2012


Since it’s been founded,  Konti Hidroplast as an export oriented company, besides taking care of our clients, quality of supply and quality of product, we are also focused on taking care for the environment we live in, in order to preserve it for future generations.

Although we are one of the first companies in Macedonia which implemented all relevant licenses and certificates for environment safety,  and operate in accordance with national legislation on grounds of health and safety, we strive to continually improve in this direction.

Last news from this area relates to our recently completed project for energy efficiency supported by the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development or WebSEFF. This project was designed to minimize power consumption through the restoration and replacement of energy inefficient machinery in the manufacturing processes.

After finishing the project in accordance to the requirements, energy saving ratio should be greater than 20%, and in our case it is 42.42%.

Despite electric energy efficiency with this project we also have the following benefits

-Reduction of waste generation
-Reducing the cost of ongoing operation and maintenance
-Reduction of CO2 emission

Besides this project we have future plans,  for even greater steps in terms of preserving and improving the environment according to our policy for environmental and social responsibility.



Published on 09 April 2012

upcoming macedonia2The reputable magazine European Times in the stage of publishing promotional publications for developing countries visited Macedonia, where despite ministerial visits also visited the successful companies in the country including Konti Hidroplast.

The publication dedicated to Macedonia, aims to represent the state infront of  the international community, viewed from the perspective of a business destination with great potential.

If you follow the link in addition you can read a brief interview, with Mr. Boris Madzhunkov the company director and his views on the potential for business that Macedonia as a country can offer.

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