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Published on 11 November 2009

The polyethylene pipe for cable protection, can be:

  • Polyethylene pipe with small diameter
  • Double wall pipe in bigger diameter

Polyethylene pipe with small diameter

The polyethylene pipes with small diameter are used for installing cable canalization, for underground placement. Mainly they are used as protection for optic cables, coaxial optic cables for distributive systems and other functional nets. They are also used for classical telecommunication cables with smaller diameter.
These pipes have small diameters and are used for direct cable insertion while laid underground.
Their exterior surface is smooth with longitudinal ribbed interior.
They are produced in coils up to 500 m.

These polyethylene pipes are also used in the construction of buildings or industry facilities as well as for other infrastructure buildings for protection a large spectrum of different cables as:

  • Telephone
  • Television
  • Optic


  • Single pipe in diameters 32;40 and 50 mm
  • Double (twin) pipe in diameters 32;40;50 mm
  • Quadruple pipes, composed by two different dimensions of 32 and 40 mm

Pipe joining
The protection pipes for cables with small diameters are joined with mechanical joints or professionally known as COMFIT joints, with dimensions of 32, 40 and 50 mm.

The pipes are produced according to the existing international standards (EN 12201; ISO 4427; DIN 8074. They fully satisfy the technical requirements for telecommunication and cable works as ideal protecting solution.

Polyethylene pipe for optic cable insertion

Double wall pipe in bigger diameter

These pipes are used for protection or holders of the protection pipes, especially for passage of roads and bridges.
They are double wall pipes within the smooth interior and the exterior surface is corrugate.
They are produced in straight form of 6 and 12 m , or in 50 m coils.
Pipes with bigger diameters that are used for insertion of a bundle of pipes for protection of optic cables and for road or bridge passage. They are produced in black, red and yellow color, but also we can respect every special color that will be indicated by the customer.

The pipes are made of high density polyethylene (PE), which is characterized for its good mechanical and chemical properties, it is environment friendly and in the same the pipes provide economical benefit and solution of the usual problems that exist while laying the cables.

The corrugate pipes are joined with classical socket.

Standard: ЕН 13476-3

Doublewall corrugate pipes with bigger diameter

Table of chemical resistance of polyethylene pipes

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