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Konti Hidroplast is Macedonian export oriented company for production of PE (polyethylene) and PP (polypropylene) pipes.

Situated in Southern Macedonia, municipality of Gevgelija Konti Hidroplast was founded in 1975 as a small plant for production of tools and elements of injection molded plastic.

Following the successful start aided by the experience gained by successfully realized projects in Republic of Macedonia, today our company is export-oriented, and 95% of its products are exported in international markets.

Besides the experience, for access to the international markets contributed our large range of products and top quality, by all internationally recognized standards. Our current production program covers all fields of application: pipes and hoses for water supply systems, sewage systems, PE and PP manholes, pipes for transporting gas and oil products, pipes and hoses for protection of telecommunication cables, drainage systems and fittings for all dimensions, which also range from a minimum diameter of 12mm up to 2000mm.

Konti Hidroplast became known to the market through quality supply and constant application of flexibility in operation, which is very important in an industry where the complexity of managing all processes is quite high.

One of the key factors for sustainability despite tough competition is constant re-investment in innovative technologies and pursuing general technological progress.

The combination of all these key factors are contributing for Konti Hidroplast to play an important role in the domestic and foreign markets with the constant presence of all major and minor infrastructure projects.

The manufacturing of pipes began in 1990 with the first and only production line for polyethylene pipes back then, and total number of 10 employees.

By 1994 the production program has enlarged with 5 more production lines and besides the PE hoses and PE low density pipes (LDPE), Konti Hidroplast extends its production programs with development of new type of products and wider range of dimensions.

The development of new classes of polyethylene (PE) expands the use of PE pipes for plumbing high pressure systems. By using polyethylene of the second generation such as PE63 and PE80 we started to produce plumbing pipes for pressure of 16bars. The dimension range was upgraded once more with pipes with dimension of 110mm.

In 1996 the first pipes made of third generation material – PE 100 were produced. This means the pipes can be used in pressure range up to 32bars. This year we also started to produce polyethylene pipes for transportation of gas used in pressure range up to 10 bars, as well as pipes that can be used in other industries. We increased the dimension range again, and at this time our largest diameter pipe was 160mm.

In 1998 the dimension range of pipes was upgraded with the new largest dimension of 250mm.

This year our company also obtained ISO 9001 Certificate for Quality Management System.

In 1999-2000 Konti Hidroplast started to expand by opening representative offices and shops in the country as well as in Serbia and Bulgaria. This expanding continued and today we have representative offices in all the balkan countries.

In 2001 by purchasing two complete extrusive lines, Konti Hidroplast had the biggest enlargement of the manufacturing facilities wich led to the widest range of products at the time.

The first extrusive line expanded the range of plumbing pipes up to 400mm, and the second extrusive line was for production of polyethylene two-layer sewage pipes up to 315mm.

This year in addition of ISO 9001, we obtained ISO 14001 Certificate for environmental management system.

In 2002 the company extended the capacity and range by additional production line for plumbing and sewage pipes up to 630mm.

In 2003 new representative offices are open in Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Croatia.

In 2004 a new production line for sewage spiral pipes with diameter up to 1200mm was introduced.

In 2006 we installed new production line for production of ribbed two-layer pipes with diameter up to 1200mm.

In 2008 we increased the production capacity of ribbed pipes with one more line as well as the production line for high pressure pipes.

In 2009 Konti Hidroplast expanded the production facilities with new production hall and new production line for PP HM sewage pipes with dimension range from ID 200 up to ID 1200mm.

In 2010 Konti Hidroplast started with production of PE and PP manholes in cooperation with its sister company Inter Construction, with this we are able to offer full solutions.

In 2012 We enlarged our capacities with new technologies and products , we introduced the improved Konti Kan Spiral pipe with dimensions from 1300mm up to 2000mm, as well as Konti Kan Duct for underground cable protection.

Our plans for next investment are to install recycling line and improve each process of production as well as all the processes on each level of the company . We belive in quality, that's why we give our best to keep improving, so the final outcome would always be high client satisfaction.

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