Konti Kan Spiral

Category: Sewerage systems

Clients and engineers as ideal pipe material for many pressure and non-pressure applications such as water distribution; gravity sewer, rehabilitation projects and manholes recognize polyethylene.

Latest development of production of Konti Hidroplast is manufacturing sewage pipes for non-pressure applications. Konti Kan Spiral pipe and complete range of Konti Kan Spiral fittings.

Konti Kan Spiral pipes are made of hollow PE-HD sections helically wound on a drum with a specific diameter. Konti Kan Spiral Pipe provides all technical advantages of equivalent polyethylene solid wall pipe with substantial saving in weight combining greater ease of installation with increased cost effectiveness. Its unique structure can offer a range of pipe sizes and ring stiffness, depending of customers requirements.

The characteristics of raw material and the technology of production are combined to insure application in:

  • Municipality for infrastructure objects
  • Industry
  • Roads building
  • Reconstruction

Konti Kan Spiral provides all technical advantages as well as polyethylene or polypropylene pipes with solid wall, the only difference is that Konti Kan Spiral are significantly lighter in weight and thus for the installation, which is also financially viable.

Reference Standards Application
EN 13476-1:2007

EN 13476-2:2007

EN 476:2001

EN 1610:2002

EN 1852-1:1999

ENV 1046:2002 (У)

SFS 5906:2004

Sewage Systems

Wastewater and Combined Systems

When building highways

Drainage of surface water

Residential drainage systems

Industrial pipelines

Underwater installations


Color: black (other color on request); Length: 6m

For connection of the pipes and fittings Konti Kan spiral pipe are use the following methods:

  • Connection with socket +EPDM gasket
  • Extrusion welding from both side
  • Extrusion welding inside
  • Connection with thread with inside welding or with thermo shrink tape
  • Electro fusion connection
  • Connection with metal part with inside rubber layer
  • But welding
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