Konti Kan

Category: Sewerage systems

Material: Polyethylene with high density, (PH HD)

Color: Outside – black, inside-blue.
Standard: EH 13476-3

The characteristics of the material:
Density: 0.953gr/cm3
Index of flow (MFI), 0.7-1.5gr/10min (190/5kg)
Module of elasticity: 1200 MPa

Main characteristics:

  • Excellent hydraulic characteristics
  • Excellent resistance to aggressive and polluted water
  • Good resistance on mechanical movements of the soil
  • Very easy installation
  • Long lasting, 100 years with small maintenance requirements
  • The pipes can be produced in dimensions from 6 to 12m or in coil (depends of the purpose)
  • 100% recyclable
  • Ability to joining with traditional fittings.
  • Ability for but welding

According to the EH 13476-3 standard, Konti Kan profile is type B, dimension range by outer diameter, (DN/OD)

Two standard classes of Konti Kan pipes are produced on regular basis: Konti Kan SN4 and Konti Kan SN 8. There is also possibility for production of higher standard classes, by request of the costumers.

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